Hair Removal


Having a hair-free body is becoming an essential for manty women and now also for many men!  


Infinite Beauty UK specialise in all over body waxing for women and non-intimate areas for men using both Hot Wax and Warm Strip Waxing.   We use the unique PHD Waxing System which offers a treatment totally free of cross contamination. This is achieved through using the individually packaged applicator heads which are thrown away after your treatment, preventing cross contamination from one client to another. Its applicator head has a built in safety device to prevent the backflow of wax into the tube eliminating the risk of cross contamination.


Ultimate Beauty UK uses Perron Rigot non-strip wax for sensitive and intimate areas. Non-Strip wax can be applied in ultra-thin layers and removes the hair easily in a single pass without the need for non-woven strips.  Supple and non-brittle, these non-strip waxes offer ultra-high performance, encapsulating the hair for clean results.  Non-strip waxes are perfect for all body areas and especially the most sensitive areas.


All items used during the waxing process are single use only and once used, spatulars are not returned to the wax heater.


If you are looking for a more permanent method of hair removal, electrolysis or laser/IPL hair removal are an options you may wish to consider.