The PHD waxing system is the best and most hygienic waxing system in the world. Developed in New Zealand, this system doesn’t use spatulas, wax pots or roll on methods for application.


Professional, Hygienic, Disposable, the PHD waxing system ensures no risk of cross-infection. The PHD after care lotion has essential oils to calm, heal and condition the skin.

Perron Rigot


Founded in 1936 in France by Monsieurs Perron and Rigot, Perron Rigot depilatory low-temperature waxes, with more than 20 patents, are now used by beauty practitioners and salons the world over.


Disposable gloves and aprons are always worn during treatment. Spatulars are single use only.


Full leg and bikini - £28.00

Full leg - £21.00

3/4 leg - £18.00

1/2 leg - £15.00

Bikini wax - £12.00

High bikini (thong) - £16.00

Brazilian Wax from £25.00

Hollywood from £30.00

Full arm - £15.00

Forearm - £13.00

Under arm - £8.00

Upper lip & chin wax - £10.00

Upper lip wax - £6.00

Chin - £6.00

Eyebrow wax - £8.00


Disposable panties and Femfresh Intimate fresheners provided.


Waxing Treatments


PhD Waxing System